The 5 Most Common Exercises for Fitting Into Shape [Especially #3]

There are many ways to burn fat and keep it off. You should do a variety of different exercises each week, but you should also make sure that they are effective. Effective exercises burn more fat while giving you a good sweat. Here is a list of the 5 most effective exercises for burning fat and to help slim down your body:


There are many variations of pushups, one of the most effective ways to do pushups is on your hands, bodyweight or with a weight on your chest. Another option is using pushup bars which you can find at almost any gym. Push-ups are also used as an exercise for strengthening your chest muscles. Try doing a set of 10 push ups and see how much it helps in burning fat and tightening the muscles in your chest and arms. It also builds up your endurance so try doing 100 push up-sets to increase the amount of repetitions you can do each workout session.


Most people overlook squats as a good exercise to lose fat. It is true that there are a lot of other exercises that burn more calories or help you get in shape much faster. But squats build up your legs and bottom, it tones your thighs and also helps you burn fat. The key to getting a good squat effect is doing full sit-ups not half ones, lean on something for support if you need to and slowly lower yourself back up again making sure that your back stays straight and your core tight as possible the whole time.

Pull Ups/Chin Ups

These are two different exercises but they both work the same muscle group which is the back muscles. Pull ups and chin ups both burn quite a bit of calories, they work the same muscle group as well which is your back muscles. Pull ups are, obviously, easier so you should do them first (try to get at least 10 reps in each set). Chin up’s can be harder to do because you have to arch your back up a lot to make that nice pull up motion.

Push Presses

Push presses are for anyone who has problems doing squats or does not want to use weights. Push presses work out the triceps too so its not just a chest exercise. Push presses are one of the best exercises for building up your arms and chest at the same time. To do push presses, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and a weight that you can easily handle on the ends of your hands. Bend over slightly and slowly press the weights up so you can feel that burn in your triceps. Squeeze your chest as hard as possible while doing this, it will help you do better in any other chest exercises too.


You can use an exercise bench or a chair to do dips, make sure that your butt is not on the edge and that you get lower than half way down when dipping (you need to make sure you get a good stretch in). Dips are a good exercise to burn fat and tone up your chest too. Although you need to do more than just a few sets, remember that you should not use weights, it is enough to get the hang of the exercise.


There are many different exercises out there and you should try them all. Some may burn more for your muscles weight than others, so go through them all and find out which ones work the best.

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