The Truth About Stress and Weight Gain [5 Myths & Facts]

While I was focusing in the last few articles on the bad side of stress, there is still a good side for stress but not with weight.

In this article, I will discuss the 5 myths & facts about stress and its relationship to weight gain.

Let’s start…

Myth #1:

Stress is a complete bad thing to your body.


Stress affects your body in two ways, a good way for survival and a bad way for managing your weight.


Stress by its nature is for activating the “survival mode” in your body. The more stress you had at a moment, the more you feel this mode. Without this mode, we wouldn’t survive many life situations.

Unfortunately, survival mode only includes several organs in your body like heart and lungs.

Other parts, like the whole digestive system, are not parts of this mode because they are not necessary for immediate survival.

Myth #2:

Stress causes weight gain for everybody regardless of their weight or age.


Stress causes weight gain for everybody but on different levels depending on their age and weight.


Stress causes weight gain primarily by promoting overeating.

This is because when we are stressed out, your body tends to focus on releasing hunger feeling (Even if your body has enough food) to make you eat more to reduce stress.

For young people, there isn’t that much accumulated stress from the past on their body. On the other hand, adults that are over 40+ and have kids tend to have WAAAAAY much accumulated stress due to life challenges.

This makes the older people suffer more than the young people to regarding maintaining healthy body.

Also researches showed that people who are already overweight tend to have more increased weight due to stress than those who aren’t.

Myth #3:

Stress is caused by work, money problems, or death of loved one only.


Stress can be caused by ANYTHING, small or big.


There are many types of stress. problems at school, kids’ problems at school, problems in relationships, kids’ relationship problems, relationship problems with your family members, financial problems, challenges from friends causing stress for you…etc.

All these kinds of stress will greatly affect your body either directly or indirectly over time causing weight gain.

Myth #4:

Stress affects men only


Stress affects all genders, men or women.

Myth #5:

There is no way to manage the weight associated with stress and treat it from its roots. Accepting and living with it is the best solution.


There are MANY ways to reduce stress. But most of them focuses on stress only. To manage both stress and reduce weight associated with it, you need a supplement like Revitaa Pro that is designed to handle that.


Curing stress means to have stress in balanced levels which do not cause health problems like huge weight gains to your body in the long run. This is because stress is IMPORTANT to be in you for body survival situations.

To get into that level, you need to do something about your stress and not just accepting it. Because accepting it means that you accept the health problems you have due to stress.

I already mentioned in a previous post that you can lower your stress by preventing its causes.

Also I talked about Revitaa Pro, a perfect solution for relieving stress AND at the same time, supporting weight loss by recharging metabolism.

It’s now one of my daily routines. I highly suggest that you add it too 😉

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See you in the next article,

Stay happy and healthy,

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