The Truth Nobody Told Me [And It’s Being Hidden On Me]

First, I am really sorry for not sharing this earlier, but I really didn’t know this until I MYSELF go and search on the internet for the truth about these slimming supplements.

Actually one of you sent me a message about the report (one of the supplements reports) I shared with her:

I really didn’t take it seriously, until lately I thought..

What if what she said is right?

I will be so ashamed that I shared the report with you guys.

And yes, that what was the case.

Look at this…

Can you believe it? The supplement I shared with you is giving 80% commission rate for marketers to promote it!

Not just this one. Many trending supplements like Leptitox, Meticore (85% commission rate), Biofit, Resurge, and Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic to name a few. (Ask in comments for proof for any of these if you want)

Now I didn’t just type in Google and Bing “The truth” and they just showed it.

It took me many days until I found what I am sharing with you today…

So if we did the math here: Revitaa Pro supplement is giving 80% and the price per bottle is $89.

That’s $71.2 for the marketer and $17.8 for the seller.

Supposing that the bottle, pills, and the label costs are $10 (if not more).

That’s $7.8 profit for the seller who is providing the supplement.

So, I asked myself…

How are these spreading in the social media like fire?

You know what I am talking about…

You see these posts that starts with something like this “I’m 63 and I’m fitting into my daughter jeans..”

This is to get our attention and make our interested in this.

Going back to my question…

Did you see the word: %80 for VOLUME marketers in the first picture? This means if you get them lots of customers, then they will make your percentage %80 instead of 72%.

Because $7.8 profit per customer for the seller is NOTHING

That’s why they rely on VOLUME to sell and make HUUUUUUUGE profits.

Now for me personally, that hurts me, because I am being dealt with as just a NUMBER increase to their sales.

I might not care too much about this, because I care more about getting the results.

I just want this: “Take my money and give me back a proven way to a slim body“.

But after knowing, you can easily conclude that it’s stupid to ask this question to those people.


Because how can I expect someone to solve my big body issue, that has been for years, for $7.8 to the seller hand if not less?!

I mean it was me who makes these people spread like fire as I believed them.

But what can I do and they are providing science covering what they are talking about?!

Thankfully, now I’m not anymore.

Now during my research, I found a guy named Chandler talking about this concept (Of course such this guy will not be really famous, unfortunately):

And that’s for me makes a lot of sense, but…

If I took a step back, I would see that all of these products/supplements/diets/exercises have things in common to convince us buying them, the low price point (Under $150).

They put them in a way which everybody can afford them,

and then by relying on the volume, they can make huge profits from them.

I was wondering why I didn’t know about this?!

And I watched another video from Chandler talking about this:

And that’s my friend is what I found. Hope you now know what is happening behind the scenes.

Now if you want, Chandler has a presentation talking about this and what can be the solution for this (The way it’s supposed to be and without starving).

Don’t worry, it’s not another one of those fake presentations that pretend to be short but they last for hours. It’s only around 19 mins.

Also it’s not from those which starts by showing a FAKE painful story and how the presenter have to lose pounds quickly…

You don’t need to pay anything to watch the presentation…

just click here and then click “Get Your Case Study Now” button and enter your email.

Actually you can also book a free call with him/his team after the presentation to really talk about how you can achieve results.

I encourage you to ask him ANYTHING on the call.

He and his team are nice people that you and me want to be with.


When you play the presentation page, you may not hear any sound, it’s because that little sound icon is set to zero. just tap on and raise it

Final words:

While most of supplements look perfect for us, their costs mostly go to product design and marketing, NOT the product itself.

Because the most of the money goes to marketing these products, it spreads them like fire.

It’s all on us to realize this and STOP going with cheap solutions for one of the big American pandemics.

Last personal tip:

I highly suggest you to value your time with those who is taking your problem seriously trying to solve it…

and undervalue your time with those who don’t.

Thanks for reading,


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